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“Thanks for all your assistance this year. It has really been a pleasure working with you. It’s so rare to find people with nice customer service skills. Thanks again.”
Shannon Kneuper

Area Office Manager, Kansas Department of Transportation

“Can’t thank you enough, Randy. Now I can fix the problem. We will buy parts from you as we need them.”
Tom Myers

Deputy Training Officer,Lawton Fire Department

“Besides our friendship, you get and keep the business because your company cares and is committed to customer service. Thank you sir.”
Mark “Buzz” Tourangeau,

Chief Operations Officer, Farmway

“It is a rare moment when I find myself with the desire to send this type of note. However, in this situation, I simply could not let something with such merit go without recognition. As you are well aware, Tina and I as the new owners of Crossroads Restaurant (name to change to Ellsworth Steak House), retained Air and Fire Systems, Inc to install the fire suppression system for our new cooking hoods. Simply put, the work of you and your crew has been outstanding!
With any job like this one, there are invariably some nuances/challenges that come up that create problems and inevitable delays. Well apparently, that is not the case with Air and Fire Systems. When a few of these challenges came up during the suppression system installation at our restaurant, not only did your crew (I believe it was Josh Miller and Stan Beck) not miss a beat including having the necessary additional equipment and supplies, they also took the initiative on their own to contact the hood manufacturer in order to help resolve the matter in an expeditious manner. Now that is service.
Furthermore, they have been providing advice and sharing their expertise and knowledge regarding the parameters and specifications regarding not only the code for suppression systems, but how it relates to other matters such as appliance placement, equipment options, etc. They have been so helpful and on top of things that they have even caught the attention and praise of our general contractor on the project – so kudos and a big thank you to Air and Fire Systems, Inc.
In closing, suffice it to say that if we ever have any need for Air and Fire Systems, Inc services, you are guaranteed our business!”
Rick & Tina Davis

Owners, Ellsworth Steak House/Crossroads Restaurant

My name is JT Lynn and I’m with Excel Industries, Inc. here in Hesston, KS. I just wanted to grab your information from Jerry Schweitzer and tell you how pleased I was with his work today.

We completed our annual inspections today for all of our facilities (5 plants) and this was the first time I have done this for Excel, Richard Blouin did this previously for 40 years for Excel and he has since retired. We inspected, carried, and swapped out it feels like a million fire extinguishers today, but I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job Jerry did.

I come from a father who always appreciated hard work and great people and never wanted them to go unnoticed. I do not do this often, if ever, but like my father I do not let a hardworking man who has a great attitude go unnoticed.

I look forward to continuing working with Jerry and Air and Fire in the future. Thanks for all you do. Have a blessed day,

J.T. Lynn

Safety Coordinator, Excel Industries, Hesston, Ks.

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