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With over 30 years of experience in the Fire & Safety Industry.

Randy Weis had a vision of offering the latest technology in Automated Hydrostatic Testing, Visual Inspection, and High Pressure Breathing Air (up to 6000psi), in addition to Servicing and Inspecting Fire Extinguishers and Installing, Servicing and Inspecting Kitchen Hood and Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems. In September, 2001 Randy opened Air & Fire Systems. Air & Fire System’s focus has always been, and continues to be, Customer Satisfaction.

Our vision also includes a strong belief in well-trained service technicians, with ongoing education and training to keep our technicians on top of industry changes and standards. Air & Fire Systems strives to ensure that your equipment is up to industry standards and your high pressure cylinders are inspected with the latest technology. Air & Fire Systems requires each service technician to complete an intense, thorough training process to best serve your Fire Equipment Needs. Air & Fire System’s facility offers the most modern and automated DOT hydrostatic testing equipment, which more efficiently processes fire extinguishers and cylinders, resulting in savings to you and your business.

Our typical procedure is to inspect all fire extinguishers on-site where each extinguisher is installed. However, if a company chooses to gather their extinguishers into one location, we will certainly honor that. We do not recommend it, given the fact that it leaves several areas unprotected during the inspection process. In addition, by performing on-site inspections, our technicians are able to ensure proper placement of extinguishers and ensure that they are hung properly and securely.

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